The Onwards Model

1. Empowering Local Business

Onwards lends to develop or improve tourism-based businesses, such as small hotels, restaurants, guide organizations, and artisans.

2. Supporting Local Business

Our trips support these businesses (ie stay in their bed and breakfasts, eat at their restaurants).

3. Sharing Responsibility

Onwards collects repayments on loans ONLY from a percentage of the income provided through our trips.

4. Ensuring Success and Sustainability

Trip revenue ensures loan repayments, covers administrative costs of lending, funds the loan pool, and creates a sustainable and replicable process.

Our fund supports entrepreneurs with tourism-based businesses, like Raquel.

Raquel used a $950 loan to expand her home to create a Bed and Breakfast.

Our Dominican Republic trip supports Raquel by staying in her Bed and Breakfast and others like it.

Raquel generates income from her business,and repays her loan, which provides opportunities for other entrepreneurs like her.