Addressing only Supply, not Demand

Most Microfinance Institutions lend in rural and impoverished areas where the recipients of loans do not have the disposable income to start a business. However, most of the surrounding community does not have a substantial amount of disposable income to support a new business either. For example, starting a juice stand in an area where locals do not have a lot of money to buy juice will be a struggle, or at the least will take business away from the juice stand down the street. Onwards develops tourism based businesses and furthermore supports those communities with your tourism dollars, developing a supply AND a demand, providing an initial and ongoing customer base, and stimulating the economy as a whole.

Affordability/High Interest Rates

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Loan Defaults

Similar to economies worldwide, over-indebtedness has crept its way into the microfinance sector as well. Onwards solves over indebtedness problems by working with its’ clients to develop, plan, and generate revenue for their business.

The First Step

Onwards has begun developing a network of communities and individuals within the Dominican Republic looking to start or expand a tourism based business. tourism based is used to classify anything that could be supported/benefit from sustainable, community-based tourism. Whether the recipient is a opening a small restaurant, converting a home into a bed and breakfast, or developing a guide company to local waterfalls and other attractions, these tourism based businesses can be a way out of poverty for many Dominican families.

What is Micro-enterprise development?

Micro-enterprises are small, local businesses and are the focus of microfinance and development institutions worldwide. Microfinance services such as credit, savings, and insurance are  provided to people without access to traditional banking because of the state of their country, poverty, or other circumstances.

Onwards aids in the development of tourism based micro-enterprises by providing specialized business training, brokering loans/financial services with local institutions, ongoing business support, consultation, marketing and revenue for their business.

Trek On!

Onwards then has a two-fold purpose, not just as a development institution, but also as a nonprofit travel agency booking trips to send travelers to support the business that were developed.This network of communities and tourism based businesses provide a unique set of independent, community-based traveler destinations. Onwards provides an authentic Dominican experience by moving beyond the resort walls and seeing the true beauty of the country and its people.