Dominican Republic Entrepreneur

Investing in communities to develop locally owned, sustainable, tourism-based businesses.

Empowering Individuals

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Connecting People

The businesses supported through our micro-enterprise development create a network of authentic, adventurous, and responsible travel destinations.

Dominican Republic Eco Travel

Transforming Travel

Onwards serves also as a 501(c)3 non profit travel agency, providing one of a kind travel opportunities.

Dominican Republic Eco Lodge


Harnessing the power of micro-enterprise development and sustainable travel to fight poverty.

Our Story

We Believe

Onwards is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is supporting entrepreneurs and transforming travel. We believe in connecting people through unique travel experiences that empower the communities in which we work.

Empowering Tourism Based Entrepreneurs
We provide micro-enterprise development services to aid local entrepreneurs starting or expanding a tourism-based business in developing countries.

Providing Impact Travel Experiences
We create travel experiences to then support these entrepreneurs. Our trips provide adventurous and impactful travel opportunities while supporting economic and community development.

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